Viagra for women will appear soon on the market


Pharmaceutical company in Canada is finalizing the world’s first drug to women, the effect is reminiscent of Viagra, according to the publication India Today. A Monash University is conducting clinical trials of an agent that enhances sexual desire and arousal, and the degree of sexual satisfaction.

The drug, called Tefina contains testosterone. He will be produced in the form of a spray, the use of which is recommended for several hours before sexual intercourse. According to beliefs of scientists, Tefina be able to help every third woman experiencing difficulty achieving orgasm and satisfaction from sex altogether. This will fundamentally change the relationship between the partners.

Professor Susan Davis stated in his report that the proposed facility is intended for immediate solution to what is called the "here and now". In addition, the pharmaceutical market are not many drugs created precisely to address women’s issues in their sexual life. Tefina, according to Davis, will help in particular those for whom sexual relationships are boring.

It is expected that the main "target group" of consumers, as a rule, will be representative of the fair sex, aged 30-40 years, experiencing during sex certain problems. However, it is still open the main question - whether the drug is able to increase the strength and frequency of female orgasm.

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