Chronic pyrosis leads to the development of caries


Scientists have shown that the total or partial destruction of the enamel of the teeth is more common in people who suffer from acid reflux. The reason lies in the increased acidity destroys gradually and imperceptibly the patient’s teeth.

Statistics show that in developed countries, 20-50 percent of the population suffers from heartburn. More than 60 million people in the U.S. have this feeling at least once a month, while 15 million of them are faced with this every day. In Russia suffer from heartburn 48.5% of women and 51.4% men. According to experts, heartburn occurs in most cases after the use of products such as chocolate, coffee, citrus, strong tea, mint, hot or alcoholic beverages, as well as fatty foods. The factors that provoke gastroesophageal reflux include smoking, overeating, or eating late is 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Today therapy involves banal measures that eliminate this unpleasant feeling. One of them is the reduction in acidity with medication designed to eliminate reflux. Experts from the Mayo Clinic conducted a series of experiments, radically changed the views on this issue. They performed implanting patients suffering heartburn small mechanism which delivers mild electrical impulses, thus causing the valve closing muscle, in the normal state overlapping upward movement of stomach contents.

The method was tested by researchers at the volunteers, of which 77% for some time excluded medication and reported that the digestive functions they have bounced back. One year later, the same test again confirmed that their health has greatly improved the use of the device. In the Netherlands, such a test were 11 people who are constantly suffering from heartburn. As a result, most of them completely forgot about the medication needed to prevent disease.

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