A vaccine for HIV / AIDS has successfully passed the first stage of testing in humans


The world’s only preventative HIV vaccine composed of killed genetically engineered virus has shown steady progress in phase 1 clinical trials.

Developed by Dr. Chil-Yong Kang and his team of Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, with the support of Sumagen Canada, the vaccine SAV001-H was still only a first step, but a lot of promise for success in the final stages of clinical trials.

Assessment of the impact on people was launched in March 2012. The study included positive men and women, 18-50 years old, who were divided into two groups, one of which received a placebo, while the second vaccine SAV001-H.

As the Sumagen, patients demonstrate progress without any side effects. These intermediate results indicate SAV001-H safety and tolerability of people. The next stage of clinical trials, serve the purpose of demonstrating its immunogenicity and effectiveness evaluation.

In addition, analyzes of the humoral immune response system, such as an increase of antibodies directed at combating SAV001-H. Interim results showed a significant increase in the formation of HIV-1 antibodies after injection SAV001-H.

"We proved that any danger to the people who receive the vaccine SAV001-H, missing and now preparing for the next steps, which consisted of 2 and 3 phases of clinical trials," - said Dr. Dong Joon Kim, representing the company Sumagen Co. Ltd.

HIV / AIDS has already killed more than 28 million people worldwide, and more than 34 million people are currently infected with the virus infection.

The uniqueness of this vaccine is that it not separate the components used and the whole killed virus HIV-1 as a whole, like vaccines against polio, influenza, rabies and hepatitis A. HIV-1 virus has been genetically altered to render it non-pathogenic and to ensure its manufacture in large quantities.

The company Sumagen Canada already has a patent on the vaccine SAV001 in more than 70 countries.

Original: Communications.uwo.ca

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