Excess belly fat causes insomnia


From insomnia and other sleep problems can help get rid of weight loss. This is shown by the results of experiments with several tens Americans different age and sex. And exactly how the person will drop excess weight, it does not matter.

Getting rid of the excess fat from the waist, would greatly improve the quality of sleep. That was the conclusion of U.S. researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, the publication reports Daily Mail.

The study involved 77 people who suffered from obesity, diabetes type II, or in a state that preceded the disease. People were divided into two groups: the first group of participants adhered to a strict diet and regular exercise, the participants in the second group followed a diet only. All volunteers completed the questionnaire at the beginning and end of the experiment, which reported on the quality of their sleep, the presence of snoring, about the use of sleeping pills insomnia or restless sleep. All study participants also before and after the measured body mass index.

Over the entire study period of two groups of people have lost 7 kg on average. Approximately the same amount of body fat has gone from all of the abdomen, which confirmed the results of magnetic resonance imaging. Improving the quality of sleep, ultimately, was estimated at 20%, regardless of whether the participant in or physically adhered strongly recommended diet.

"We are convinced that weight loss resulted in a solution to the problems with sleep, especially in the waist area," - said Carrie Stewart, author of the study and professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, adding that this happened without the influence of factors such as age and gender of the subjects.

"Sleep disorders for various reasons to increase the risk of developing hypertension, heart attack and stroke," - said in conclusion Carrie Stewart.

As the scientists explain, obesity occurs in many patients sleep apnea - breathing stops briefly during sleep. It causes insomnia, heart problems, and the vessels of the brain does not get enough oxygen and nutrients to the norm. A similar problem, according to statistics, is found in at least 500,000 Britons.

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