Lemonade will help to quit smoking


Smokers have long dreamed to break the habit, should pay attention to the lemonade, reports the publication The Daily Mail.

Sweetened lemonade to regularly rinse your mouth, as the hit of sugar on the tongue will strengthen the human attention and promotes energy recovery, which will help to control yourself.

This method can work at least for some time, say members of the University of Georgia, to test his theory in an experiment involving 51 students.

The first phase of the test was an evaluation of the impact of sugar on the participants self-control. Originally on the page with a piece of text required delete the letter "E". Then - to determine the color of a number of different words that appear on the screen, despite the fact that it was the name of the other colors.

One group of participants was rinsing the mouth during tests lemonade with sugar, while the rest has been proposed for this lemonade with an artificial sweetener.

As a result, the first group to react more quickly to the color of the word, not the color. One of the researchers Leonard Martin explains: "Sugar stimulates the language of simple carbohydrates sensors. This, in turn, sends motivation centers in the brain specific data, thereby increasing care and patience. "

According to the professor, the motivation is based entirely on the so-called emotional investment, that is what a person invests in solving a particular problem. Sugar prevents fast automatic reaction that is expressed in the most simple solution, while making the switch to a more complex solution.

It is well known that it is always in the presence of two problems first one will take away a person too much power. That’s when the sugar will give strength to perform all tasks, including the need for smoking cessation.

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