Pensioner had a tumor removed from Germany weighing 21 kg


In Germany, doctors have successfully completed the most complicated operation pensioner, removing his 21-kilogram tumor, reports Thuringer Allgemeine.

According to the information Rigaud Voigt, head of the hospital in Altenburg, 71-year-old local man turned to him with a complaint of heaviness in the abdomen, and the ever-increasing weight. The survey showed, in the patient’s abdominal tumor has grown large worn out, the length of which reaches almost 40 centimeters.

Surgeons decided to remove the tumor immediately. Thus, the operation required from the experts three hours. The main difficulty, as the Voigt, was vblizkom to the central location of the tumor blood vessels of the intestine. In addition to being adjacent to it more closely, and the spleen, pancreas and liver.

However, despite these difficulties, the surgeons managed to remove the tumor. The man who dropped more than 20 pounds, is now doing well and is undergoing rehabilitation.

Rigaud Foygtpodcherknul that even in centers that specialize in removing tumors, such cases are rare.

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