Depression: causes and methods of struggle


Autumn is considered to be one of the most depressed seasons. Experts say that the source of trouble lies in human physiology: the lack of sunlight gives the production of serotonin - organic protein produced by the pineal gland (a gland of the endocrine tiny size, located in the brain), which regulates our mood, and sleep and appetite.

Output: Try to rearrange your daily schedule so as to use the daytime maximum. Has a good effect and phototherapy with bright white light. It is a hour session, during which a depressed person is sitting in front of the set at a distance of 60 cm bright fluorescent light.

Typically, the risk group includes teenagers and older people in mind oschnoy hormonal changes characteristic of their body.

In addition, it is precisely in these two age groups, there is the deep soul-searching and a system of ideals.

Yield: Seek help from a specialist (psychiatrist, therapist) to help sort out the causes of your depression and prescribe medications if necessary preparaty.Eto may be antidepressants, sedatives or sleeping pills - depending on the type of depression, which affects the patient (anxiety, apathetic or dreary).

Among the annoying strong emotional turmoil secrete death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job ...

Output: Learn to control your emotions, change your view on the issue. After all, even in the most terrible thing, and you can watch from the positive side. If not, call on the help of close friends.

We should also consider adherence of the day, nutrition, prolonged sleep, minimal consumption of coffee and alcohol, walking and physical education. In dealing with stress are considered to be the most useful types of developing endurance sports like tennis, jogging, swimming, aerobics.

The risk of depression is high and those who suffer from a variety of endocrine disorders, including diabetes, coronary heart disease, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, intracranial tumors, cerebral atherosclerosis.

Affective disorders can also cause deficiency diseases: lack of iron and vitamin B12, as well as the use of certain medications (corticosteroids, and anti-hypertensive drugs).

Output: Treatment of depression in combination with the underlying disease, to carry out all the recommendations of your doctor.

Depression can pass and be inherited. Experts have long noted that if one of the parents in the family suffers from a disorder of the nervous system in their offspring the likelihood of such disorders is quite high.

Output: Trying to build your life in such a way that it is delivered to you maximum pleasure, surrounding himself constantly pleasant people, doing the work of the soul, an interesting hobby. And when voznikonvenii problems immediately consult specialists (neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

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