Scientists: people are able to subconsciously read the sentences and solve mathematical equations


Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that, contrary to popular belief, people are able to read the proposal and solve math problems without conscious thought. The team described their experiments and the results of testing these skills in his article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists already knew that the people are able to read a few words at a time while their attention is diverted, but only now it has been demonstrated that this ability extends to whole sentences, the content of which is absorbed at a time while the person is "up in the clouds." They also found that people are able to subconsciously solve simple math problems.

In this study, the team used a technique called Continues Flash Suppression (CFS), which enables you to deliver information to the subconscious. It lies in the fact that the right information is in the field of vision in one eye while the other eye sees a sequence of striking images that attract attention. On the colorful images out all conscious attention, so the information coming in the other eye, unnoticed consciousness.

In the first exercise, volunteers showed short phrases during the sessions of CFS. Some of the phrases are meaningless. After that, the volunteers were asked to recall these phrases. The researchers found that the volunteers remembered semantically awkward phrases faster than logical.

In the second exercise, the researchers showed the simple mathematical equation of plus / minus one eye, while the second was able to observe the sequence of colorful pictures. After this, volunteers were asked to name the number that was shown to them. It was found that the time of memories reduced if, figures are shown to them the solution of the equation.

These results suggest that people process large amounts of information in their daily lives, which may not even be aware. This finding, according to the researchers, should lead to a revision of our views on the subconscious.


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