Every third woman falls into a state of depression after sex


Scientists have long been proven that women are less likely than men love sex. Recently, they have increasingly become the initiators of intimate relationships. They are not shy about their fantasies, and boldly tell about their desires. But it is very strange is the fact that a large number of women after sexual intercourse do not feel happy.

Experts from the University of Queensland conducted among women of different ages, living in different regions, the survey. The results showed that after sex, more than 33 women emotionally feel unwell. Researchers puzzled as long proven benefits and health benefits of regular exercise sex: it strengthens the immune system and greatly increases stress person.

Some scientists believe that this is due to the release of adrenaline during intercourse, and after its completion comes effect of tranquility. However, we all know that depression and tranquility nothing to do with each other do not have. For example, scientists have only shrug, as yet unable to explain this phenomenon. It is worth noting also the fact that most women with the manifestation of symptoms of depression after sex, insist that the quality of a person or partner is in no way connected.

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