Is transmitted through the air a deadly virus


Deadly virus can be transmitted through airborne droplets. We are talking about one of the most severe forms of hemorrhagic fever, Ebola namely - zaurskom subtype, 90% of those infected with it die.

Canadian researchers have experimented and determined in their progress, that this virus is transmitted to monkeys and pigs without direct contact. According to experts, is that the disease is transmitted through the air, explains the fact that the Ebola virus is now spreading in some parts of Africa.

Experts also believe that pigs - are natural carriers of the disease. "Pigs have contributed to the spread of zoonotic swine flu, Nipah virus, perhaps, Hendra virus, and now, at least, Ebola disease," - said Tara Smith, University of Iowa, engaged in the study of emerging infectious diseases.

Ebola in pigs mainly affects the respiratory tract and lungs, and this contributes to the spread of the virus through the air, explains Gary Kobinger, author of the study, a microbiologist at the University of Manitoba. He pointed out here that although the virus airborne and transmitted, it can not compare with the flu.

"An epidemiological survey of domestic and wild pigs in some countries in Africa that are needed in sub-Saharan Africa now", - assured the scientists. This fall only on the Ebola virus, whose outbreak was recorded in the central part of the Congo, killing 15 people. In addition to being in Uganda since the beginning of July, 16 people died from infectious disease.

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