The expression of negative emotions is injurious to health


For a long time it was assumed that the stress relief through the release of negative emotions, including anger, it is useful to human health and helps to improve his mental condition. However, recent studies have shown that getting rid of the anger is really dangerous to health.

Such a reaction to anger is not easy emotional state and does not reduce the sense of frustration, but rather supports a bad mood, increasing the intensity and duration of the destructive emotions. Psychologists have found that the expression of negative emotions promotes the production of chemicals in the brain responsible for mood and feeling good, but these chemicals can cause dependence, increasing the possibility that people will look at the subconscious level, the reason for the anger.

People who openly express their anger seems to behave aggressively and in other situations. Mezhuyev fact, the researchers warn that wont empty out your anger can turn into a relationship afterwards. That is why psychologists are advised to learn to deal with negative feelings distracted by any more positive things.

Earlier it was reported that a group of researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that the degree of willingness of people to clearly fulfill social responsibilities and to help people is determined by their genes. This includes the willingness of some citizens to pay for the benefit of health care more taxes or more employees to help others at work. The results were published in the edition of Biology Letters.

The study included a survey psychologists 958 twin pairs, 361 pair of which were absolutely identical twins. Their research has allowed scientists to forget about all the existing external factors and focus on genetics. The analysis showed that in women genes are stronger than men. Among men, there was a greater degree of impact the environment. The conclusion can not in any way blame the selfish greed of those poor, deprived nature of this moral and parents genome.

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