Sweat glands heal wounds


In human skin, there are millions of glands that produce and secrete sweat. They protect it from overheating during intense exercise or in hot weather. But, according to scientists from the University of Michigan, sweat glands also serve an equally important function, such as wound healing, according to Medical Xpress.

The study experts found that the cancer directly involved in the provision of special cells for wound healing in the skin: scratches, sores and burns. "Sores on the skin, including those caused by diabetes and other non-healing wounds are the major problem. Treatment of chronic wounds results in a year in the tens of billions of dollars in the U.S. alone, and these costs continue to rise," - says Laura Ritty author of the study, the medical School at the University.

Scientists believe that they were able to discover one of the most important ways to treatment. "We have identified the mechanism of wound healing with the participation of the sweat glands," - said the expert. A little earlier it was believed that the new skin cells emerge directly from the hair follicles, as well as the undamaged parts of the skin around the wound. But the study found that the eccrine sweat glands may contain a reserve of adult stem cells that contribute to the healing of wounds.

"Our discovery is absolutely amazing, no one paid any attention to before the sweat glands, as they are on the skin of experimental animals are not available. We found that human skin is restored most unique way, completely different from mammals. Regenerative potential of glands was one of the greatest secrets of the human body. We hope that these results will help us to develop a completely new method of therapy that promotes healing of wounds, "- said Ritty.

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