Reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood will help the daily use of asparagus


We have every chance of asparagus enter the list of products actively fighting with diabetes, says The Daily Mail. Scientists believe that regular consumption of asparagus can monitor sugar and activates the production of insulin.

Everyone knows that in the human diet fatty foods and unhealthy lifestyle in general, increase the risk of diabetes in humans. And the asparagus extract in large concentrations affects positively on the development of pancreatic insulin.

This could make sure the staff of the University of Karachi, who introduced the chemical compound to rats, which led directly to the development of diabetes. Half of the animals received the extract of asparagus in small and large doses daily for 28 days, the second received glibenclamide - ntidiabeticheskoe agent.

The state of the rodents was monitored also by means of blood tests. It is proved by that asparagus reduced sugar level in a small dosage, but did not increase the production of insulin. Only high doses influenced positively by both measures.

Be sure to highlight that in 2006 still in the report British Medical Journal reported the "pros" of asparagus. Then it was proved that with asparagus all the muscles and other tissues better metabolize sugar by 81%.

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