Unappetizing food injures the human psyche


Israeli researchers say that the food is not good to eat cooked has a negative impact on the emotional state of a person and may even cause serious health problems, as well as provoke a severe form of depression.

In addition, scientists believe, not without reason, that insipid food can cause nervous disorders, as well as the main cause of fatigue and tiredness.

Hard food is especially dangerous for people who are too emotional and prone to depression of varying degrees.

The main victims of the so-called "product depression" are women, because they are more likely than men to meet various monodiety.V therefore their body lacks a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Meanwhile, earlier studies have shown that in developed countries, people are less likely to cook at home. This is causing concern among experts in the field of healthy nutrition. The reasons that people do not cook at home, are varied: a lack of skills in the culinary field, lack of confidence, low availability of basic food products and. etc. At risk are the elderly.

A team of scientists from Taiwan and Australia studied the methods of cooking used by elderly Taiwanese people under the age of 65 years. The researchers found that 43% of those people never cooked their own meals, 17% cooked 1-2 times a week, 9% were prepared 3-5 times per week, and 31% of the subjects were engaged in cooking to 5 times a week.

The study lasted 10 years. During this period, 695 of the participants died, and the analysis of the culinary habits of the participants showed that those who prepared the food more often lived longer. The possibility of other factors, the fact that people lived longer and carefully investigated. Participants, who were preparing more and lived the longest, were unmarried women who lived alone. They had no higher education, they are not consumed alcohol and were non-smokers. They often walked and biked, avoid public transport. Along with cooking them addicted different diets.

Women who were preparing for a spouse or other family members also lived longer. In the category of people who never cooked or prepared infrequently, mostly were men. They had a chance that they will die sooner. These gender differences may have something to do with men’s inability to cook your meals. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition note that for women the main benefit of cooking is that they are prepared not only for themselves but for someone else.

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