Reading brain protection from degradation in old age


The active intellectual activity helps to preserve the density of the white matter of the brain. These are the details of American Scientists, presented the report at the annual conference of the North American Society radiologichekogo.

Experts from Rush University in Chicago have shown a link between the state of the white matter of the human brain and intellectual activity in old age.

The study included 152 people attended at the age of 81, while none of them suffered from memory disorders or distraction of attention. The researchers suggested that subjects rate on a scale from 1 to 5, how often their work was related in the past year with intellectual activity.

Then it regularly scanned the brains of participants using the method of spectral imaging in diffuse throughout the year. The main objective of the exercise is to estimation of the direction and intensity of the intracellular movement of water molecules, as well as the mapping of the permeability of the white matter of the brain.

After analyzing the results, the researchers concluded that the anisotropy or the selective permeability of the white matter of the brain significantly higher in people intellectually active.

"Reading books and the press, trips to the theater, writing letters, visiting the library, passion play chess or poker can delay the aging of the brain, preventing the death of the myelin sheath of axons," - said Konstantinos Arfanakis, leader of the study and a member of the Technological Institute of Chicago (USA).

The anisotropy of white matter neurons are usually broken due to injuries and various diseases, as well as a natural way to gradually decreases with aging of the brain, which is estimated to physicians begins after about 30 years.

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