Vegetarianism promotes sexual activity


A recent study showed that vegetarians are more sexually active, compared to meat lovers. It is likely that herbal products have a corresponding impact on the levels of phytoestrogens, reports the publication The Daily Mail. These are the results of studies conducted on red colobus monkeys in Uganda.

The author of the research was Michael Wasserman, a researcher from the University of California. During the first 11 months of Wasserman and colleagues conducted-watching groups of monkeys. The scientists collected samples of feces, to track changes in animals on a hormonal level.

As it turned out, the frequency of use of monkeys tree leaf Millettia dura, which contain compounds resembling in its composition estrogen has been associated with an increased concentration of estradiol in primates (hormone) and cortisol (stress hormones). With these changes in hormone levels, the monkeys often mated much less frequently cleaned each other.

Meanwhile, it is known that cholesterol is usually elevated in people who regularly consume animal products such as milk meat, eggs, etc. A blockage of blood vessels, helps to slow down the blood flow to the genitals, which results in problems in the intimate life. Among other things, vegetarians are rarely faced with the problem of excess weight and are not at risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

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