Smoking man becomes stupid


Tobacco smoking leads to degradation of the brain, impairing memory and learning ability, thinking and reasoning. These are the findings of scientists at King’s College London, reports BBC BBC.

Experts have drawn conclusions based on observations of the 8800 volunteers, whose age exceeds 50 years. The experts were recorded their excess weight and high blood pressure, also affecting the state of the brain, but to a lesser extent. Scientists say that people need to realize that "their way of life depends not only on the health of the body, but the mind."

The research work included examination of the relationship between the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke and brain state. Scientists examined data about the lifestyle of participants and the results of the test that checks mental capacity (volunteers memorized new words, trying for a moment to call the maximum number of animals known to them). Retest of 4 and 8 years later.

As it turned out, the overall risk of heart attack or stroke was significantly associated with cognitive impairment. According to the researchers, was found "relevant association" between tobakokureniem and the worst results in the tests.

"Previous studies have repeatedly established that smoking and high blood pressure are associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment and madness, and the new work confirms it again. Watched from a mental age of recession, can gradually develop into dementia, and early detection of associated factors that may play a key role in finding methods to prevent dementia. findings underscore how important to take care of health of the cardiovascular system in the elderly, "- said the researcher of the British Centre for the Study of Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Simon Ridley.

A study by researchers was published in the latest issue of the magazine in Age and Ageing.

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