Coffee protects the liver from damage


A new study by U.S. researchers found that coffee with severe diseases of the liver has a positive impact on the work of the body.

It becomes more evident potential benefits of coffee for patients with chronic liver disease, say researchers from the University of Colorado. In scientific research, continuing for 4 years, attended by 782 patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver. The average of all the participants, of which 38% were men, was 48 years old. Of these, 29% do not drink coffee, 28% of respondents drank less than one cup per day, 15% of the daily drank two cups of coffee, and 28% - drink a day for more than two cups of beverage.

The results showed that the amount of coffee consumed was closely associated with the risk of severe liver fibrosis. Information obtained in the course of the study have confirmed histological examination.

The results of the study were presented at a meeting sponsored by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. They say that coffee can be useful for patients with chronic liver disease other types. Earlier studies have shown a positive effect of coffee with a variety of chronic diseases, including diabetes type 2, and fibrosis of the liver.

Experts explain this as follows: coffee - is "a complex substance", it has a value of each ingredient. Coffee contains a plurality of components, including caffeine, vitamins, phenols, micro-and macrocells, cellulose, quinine and other compounds which are beneficial in the complex on human health.

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