A computer program for the treatment of alcoholism


British programmers created a computer program that helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. Experts of the University of Liverpool had already tested its new development, recognizing it as a really effective in reducing the craving for alcohol.

The program at the drinkers can develop a new habit, such as automatic self-control, according to developers. Operates a computer program is very simple: it has been demonstrated by volunteers.

Abusers of alcohol is only necessary to press the button when you see a picture of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. An important role is played by the rate of depression. Gives a signal to mark the volunteers that they should stop immediately the task.

It is worth noting another important point - in the same group during the trial of the program at the time of the signal on the screen an image of alcohol, while the other image was missing at all. All the participants during the execution of these tasks, researchers allowed to drink beer. As it turned out, the first group of volunteers began to show some restraint in the use of beer, but the members of the second group, quite the contrary, began to drink large amounts of beer.

Scientists have noted that the new study is the first attempt to understand whether automatic application to his self-control man at the use of alcohol. Thus, scientists hope to change the ingrained habit for a long time and even possibly cure alcoholics.

In connection with obtaining the first successful result of a new study soon to be on-line version of the "anti-alcohol" program, which will help all those suffering from alcohol dependence.

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