Long-term aromatherapy can harm heart health


Essential assumes that person inhaling vapors of essential oils is only useful if the session lasts less than one hour. Longer sessions may have a negative effect on the heart, as shown by the results of a new study conducted in Taiwan.

The experiment involved 100 workers SPA salons Taipei that within two hours had to breathe vapors bergamot oil - concentrated extract of citrus, while researchers periodically measured their blood pressure and heart rate.

During the first hour of aromatherapy pressure and heart rate in workers dropped. After 45 minutes, the systolic blood pressure measurements showed that it decreased to 2.10 mm Hg and heart rate to 2.21 bpm. These results are consistent with the results of earlier studies that have shown that essential oils relieve stress.

However, after 120 minutes the researchers observed the opposite effect. Systolic blood pressure of the participants not only returned to the previous level, but also increased, rising to 2.19 mm Hg, and heart rate increased by 1.70 beats per minute.

"These results indicate that prolonged exposure to essential oils can have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system," - said the researchers in a paper published in the November issue of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Previous studies have found an association has been volatile organic compounds with the development of asthma and cardiac disease with a fatal outcome. Inhalation of these substances can cause inflammation in the body, as well as changes in the nervous system, which could then undermine the health of the heart.

However, as the researchers note, to confirm the new results more research is needed. Given the fact that high blood pressure and heart palpitations are markers of cardiovascular disease, it is still unclear whether such minor variations in pressure and heart rate to cause serious heart problems. In addition, in the course of the study measured the level of volatile organic compounds, then it is possible that other components can affect the results.

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