Ten-hour sleep better analgesic effect


Extra hour of sleep at night can significantly improve alertness and reduce sensitivity to pain. This was stated recently the hospital staff Henry Ford in Detroit, reports the publication The Daily Mail.

Experts say 10 hours of sleep instead of the recommended eight hours of doctors more effectively relieves pain than codeine. Their conclusion was based on a four-day observation, which they conducted in 18 healthy volunteers with no complaints of pain. Subjects were randomly divided into groups, of which one sleeping hours to 8 hours, whereas the other - 10.

In the study, experts daytime sleepiness was measured using multiple tests on sleep latency (known method for diagnosing sleep disorders). The results showed that the group of participants spent a long sleep to 1.8 hours more of sleep per night than the rest. This was associated with increased alertness during the day and a significant reduction in sensitivity to pain. Research Scientists also demonstrated that the effect of 10 mg of 8 hours of sleep was significantly better than codeine in an amount of 60 mg.

The data obtained, as the researchers suggest that the increased sensitivity to pain in people much tired - a consequence of regular sleep deficiency. "Our results emphasize the importance of adequate time to sleep in different forms of chronic diseases or before certain surgical procedures. We were amazed at how much you can reduce the sensation of pain compared with codeine," - said Timothy Roers, an expert in sleep disorders.

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