Erectile dysfunction is associated with inflammation of the gums


Turkish scientists found that men who suffer from gum disease is three times more likely occurrence of erectile dysfunction than their healthy peers, reports EurekAlert. The results of research carried out under the guidance of FAIT Ogusi of Inonu University, published in the December issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Scientists have conducted a comparative study involving two groups of volunteers. The first group consisted of 80 men aged 30 to 40 who suffer erectile dysfunction. The second group - the control group - were 82 respondents with no problems with erection. At each of the groups the average age of the men was about 36 years old.

The researchers ruled out on one of the stages of selection, volunteers who were awarded a variety of systemic diseases, as well as participants who smoked, since smoking is one of the known factors that affect erection.

The study found that 53% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, was diagnosed with chronic periodontitis, characterized by inflammation of the periodontal tissues. This index in the control group reached 23%. After taking into account a number of factors such as BMI (body mass index), level of education and income of the material, the researchers found that men with chronic periodontitis erection problems arise in 3.29 times more likely than men who have healthy gums .

"Erectile dysfunction affects the quality life of the order of 150 million as of boys and their partners worldwide. Some studies indicate that chronic periodontitis may cause such a systemic disease, such as coronary insufficiency, which can be linked, in turn, with erectile problems, "- said Ogus.

The authors emphasize that these results have confirmed the hypothesis that in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are chronic periodontitis are more likely than other men. The researchers suggested that periodontal tissue inflammation seen as one of the first stages of treatment of such patients.

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