Rice bran prevents the development of colon cancer


Researchers at the University of Colorado have begun a clinical trial, during which will be considered by the efficiency of rice bran - a by-product of milling production - in the prevention of colon cancer.

"In rice bran marked the delicate balance of bioactive components, which together lead anti-cancer activity," - said Dr. Elizabeth Ryan (Elizabeth P. Ryan), a specialist in the field of radiology at the University of Colorado and director of research.

Bioactive components of rice bran are not only in cancer cells but also around them, creating the conditions for the normal functioning of healthy cells, according to the publication Advances in Nutrition.

Dr. Ryan and her colleagues Ware Tiffany (Tiffany Weir) and Reydzhesh Egaruol (Rajesh Agarwal) in his study tried to find out how rice bran can stimulate anti-tumor immune response.

"In the world there are more than one hundred thousand species of rice, many of which have their own unique set of bioactive components, but we managed to find the optimal composition for hemopreventsii" - said Ryan.

Hemopreventsiya involves intervention by pharmacological agents in order to delay or prevent the process of carcinogenesis.

"Today, rice is available and affordable food for people in many countries of the world, so our results, indicating the high efficiency of rice bran as a food component hemopriventivnogo actions can affect the health of a significant part of the population of the planet" - added in custody Ryan.

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