Birth weight affects his mental capacity


It has long been proven that many mental, cognitive and behavioral aspects of health are laid even in utero, and their development continues throughout life. Search and study of cause-and-effect relationship between the formation of the brain in the prenatal and early childhood, and his abilities in adulthood devoted a lot of research. The team of Norwegian and American scientists have tried to figure out how the functioning of the brain affects the child’s weight at birth.

For years, scientists have studied the MRI data of children and adults. This method makes it possible to visualize the brain and determine the size of its constituent parts. The study involved 628 Americans aged 3-21 years. All participants were born healthy and have the birth weight, fitting into the average norm. The researchers monitored the volunteers for many years and in the course of their lives were collected and analyzed data on them relating to the field of genetics, psychology, neurobiology and neurophysiology.

Scientists evaluated as birth weight influences its thickness and area of the cerebral cortex as well as the total brain volume and stiarny. At the same time, scientists have taken into account and the impact on these indicators to factors such as marital status, sex, age, genetic inheritance of study participants. It turned out that even with all the amendments to the above factors are people who at birth weighed 4 pounds or more, for most parameters have relatively larger brains. And have the greatest impact areas of the brain responsible for decision making and information processing.

It should be noted that differences in the size and activity of the brain are only observed in children and adolescents as well as adults the relationship between birth weight and the parameters of the brain is lost. According to Christine Bit Valhovd, who led the research, their work has shown that even a small difference in weight at birth may affect the parameters and the functioning of the brain, even after many years.

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