Hops help to cure acute respiratory infections and runny nose


According to a recent study by Japanese scientists for the treatment of the common cold and some more serious colds one of the most effective tools is one of the main ingredients of beer - hops, or rather, it contains humulone, said the publication Financial express.

This statement was made by Japanese brewers out of Sapporo Breweries, with reference to the facts of scientific research. Hops, the component that gives the bitter taste of beer, protects the body from viruses that can cause the development of severe forms of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in young people.

"RS-virus can significantly obstruct breathing, and is currently a vaccine against it does not exist", - said Fushimoto Yong, a researcher of the company.

However, this does not mean that consumption of beer instantly eliminate the disease. Substance humulone Fushimoto explains how, in the beer contained in such small amounts that, to achieve the effect of one person should drink about 30 cans of a volume of 350 milliliters.

"At the moment we are considering the possibility of introducing humulone in soft drinks or other foods. Bitter taste of the substance is not quite like children", says the researcher.

Experts also believe that humulone reduces inflammation in the body, caused by a virus.

Editorial globalscience.ru, in turn, calls for the use of beer, and recalls that the excessive use of drink can harm your health.

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