Biologists have nerve cells from urine


Group Chinese biologists have developed a method that allows to obtain induced pluripotent stem cells from marrow renal cell contained urine. Summary of the research, published in the journal Nature Methods, reports Nature.

The new method involves the process of reprogramming renal epithelium through the introduction of several genes from which depends the fate of cells. This method can not only turn in epithelial stem cells (iPS), but also fibroblasts, blood cells and many other cell types. Application of kidney researchers desquamated epithelium as the raw material makes them the most noninvasive method from all the existing ones.

The genetic construct was introduced into the plasmid, temporary carriers, and inasmuch as it is necessary, removed from the cells. Specifically, the process of creating iPS cells from epithelial occupy no more than 12 days, which is much less than the normal period. By placing ready-induced stem cells in an environment that stimulates neurogenesis, the researchers tracked the conversion of precursor cells into neurons.

Authors also demonstrated in a series of experiments on rats, the cells introduced into the brain, become normal neurons and do not contribute to tumor formation. This method is, first of all, as long as the value of the research, as it allows for a large number of relatively simple induced pluripotent stem cells in the brain.

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