Chocolate can help get rid of the cough


Contained in cocoa beans theobromine effectively eliminates cough. Standard tiles of dark chocolate is considered necessary dose.

Chronic cough can be cured with the regular use of chocolate. These are the new details of American scientists from the National Institute of cardiology, pulmonology and hematology United States, according to the publication Daily Mail.

The study included the participation of about 300 people with chronic cough or frequent bouts of acute cough, which occurred at public clinics. Twice a day for two weeks, the volunteers took a dietary supplement, which included a chemical compound theobromine. At study end, reducing the frequency and severity of cough were reported in 60% of subjects.

One dose of theobromine, a receiving Party was 1000 mg. The same amount (or slightly greater) is contained in one tile chocolate. However, if the product is present in milk, it is less than theobromine, as in milk chocolate 100 g the amount is about 200 mg.

Theobromine, as the scientists explain, blocks the action of certain sensors, thereby eliminating from the reflex cough which, in fact, is. The substance acts more efficiently codeine, which is considered one of the top agents for the treatment of cough.

The researchers concluded that the beneficial effect of chocolate is stored only on the condition of regular use it for food. If you stop eating sweets, unpleasant symptoms quickly returned.

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