Scientists have uncovered yet another reason for the development of homosexuality


Geneticists have suggested that the development of homosexuality is caused by abnormalities in a person’s DNA packaging, it is the preservation of the embryo epigenetic markers that got him on the parent of the opposite sex.

Scientists have presented a new hypothesis in a paper published in the journal The Quarterly Review of Biology. She was nominated member of the University of Tennessee, Sergey Gavrilets together with his colleagues from California and Uppsala University.

Until now it was thought that preceded the emergence of homosexuality genetic mutations, however, all attempts of scientists to find a "gay gene" were unsuccessful. In addition, scientists did not understand how homosexuality is responsible for the genetic variation can be inherited, since people with different sexual orientations, as a rule, rarely leave offspring.

New research has shown that the development of homosexuality is likely to affect the genetic information itself is not, and crashes that occur when it is read. The reason is that the human DNA, like most organisms belonging to the group under the name protists, mainly related to the particular histone protein. The denser or that part of the DNA "wound" on them at the moment, the worse its readability.

Epigenetics homosexuality

Fusion of egg and sperm form a zygote, from which subsequently begin to develop a new organism. This cell receives parental histones, which then breaks down, creating their own. However, parental histones, as well as the inherent modification or epigenetic marks affect the earliest stages of the development of the future organism.

According to the assumptions of researchers, untimely replacement of epigenetic markers, which are passed from mother to son or father to daughter, new, can directly affect the sexual orientation of a person. The early stage of development marked by sharp fluctuations in sex hormones, so if the genes female embryo, for example, will be packed in male pattern, then increase their sensitivity to testosterone.

A mathematical model, the researchers demonstrated that the probability of faults occurring during the packaging of DNA corresponds to the percentage amount in the community of homosexuals and lesbians. It remains constant, because these errors are not genetically coded and can not be eliminated by natural selection.

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