Coffee protects against cancer of the mouth and throat


Eating at least four cups of coffee a day can reduce twice the likelihood of developing cancer of the throat and mouth. That was the conclusion experts of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta (Ga.), said the publication The Daily Mail.

According to U.S. experts, the protective properties of coffee are typical, rather, not even caffeine and antioxidants that are found in abundance in this fragrant beverage. "Coffee is rich in biologically active compounds, which reduce the risk of cancer and deaths" - said in a research report. They found that the decaffeinated coffee also reduces the risk of cancer, although to a lesser extent. While the consumption of black tea on reducing the risk of cancer has no effect.

Large-scale research involving the health and eating habits of about one million men and women began in 1982. In this 30-year period, the duration of a research project 868 volunteers died as a result of their cancer of the throat and mouth. Experts have observed an interesting trend: the volunteers who drank four or more cups of organic coffee a day were at risk oncological diseases by 49% compared with the volunteers occasionally consume this drink. A similar effect was observed even with smokers and drinkers.

These results have confirmed the findings of an earlier study on the anti-tumor effect of coffee, which was held two years ago. Doctors then found that daily consumption of four cups of coffee reduces by 39% the risk of developing cancer. Frequent coffee consumption is also associated with fewer incidences of colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. However, doctors warn that the overreliance coffee can negatively affect the work of the heart rate and pressure.

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