Scientists: big belly threatens men osteoporosis


Recently, researchers from the Harvard Medical School, the United States conducted an interesting study, which involved 35 middle-aged men who are overweight. These results are based on an analysis of bone density volunteers conducted using computed tomography.

Based on the results of research, scientists have learned that the strong half of humanity is suffering excessive deposits of intra-abdominal fat Density characteristics of bone were significantly lower than those of slender men who have smaller waist circumference. This in turn leads to early development ostoporoza men. Besides reduction in bone mineral density leading to a substantial reduction in lean body mass in men.

The results of the earlier analysis presented at the annual meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), people at risk of developing osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, they can delay the progression of the disease or even prevent its occurrence, by making only a change in your physical activity.

Thus, the results of magnetic resonance therapy (MRI) showed that the volunteers who performed during the study period gentle exercise, were marked by the healthiest knee cartilage among the other participants.

According to information from experts in the field of radiology, known indicators of risk for the wear of the cartilage are overweight, knee injuries, frequent knee bending and heavy exercise.

"People can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis if they maintain a healthy weight and avoid risky exercise" - the researchers noted. "In this context, the more useful will be the sports activities such as swimming, walking, not running or tennis."

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