Coffee beans will help in the fight against obesity


The extract of green coffee beans are added to the list of dietary products that contribute to weight loss. And all thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz, who on one of the talk show reported on an experiment involving 100 women, held them in person. Group participants who were taking the extract for two weeks lost an average of one kilogram. The control group, the placebo instead of the extract were only half a kilo.

Green coffee beans are known to contain chlorogenic acid which inhibits the process of releasing sugar (for roasting beans acid destroyed). It is this quality, in fact, required to deal with being overweight. The effectiveness of acid was investigated as a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton, Dr. Joe Vinson. Then his conclusions were immediately put into question by experts.

For the experiment at the University of Scranton invited eight men and the same number of women. One half of the participants received various doses of coffee bean extract, and another - placebo tablets. The experimental conditions included the use of a certain number of calories the participants.

At the end of 22 weeks found that study participants lost an average of 8 pounds. However, as the skeptics say about the impact the extract on weight loss is difficult to form a small number of volunteers and a dubious definition of the conditions of the experiment.

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