Condom to protect women from sexual infections


U.S. scientists have developed a new contraceptive for women that will provide reliable protection not only against pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases through. After applying the condom gradually dissolves in the body for several days.

Researchers from the University of Washington have created a condom from microfibers, a method that is called "electrospinning." Then "endowed" property to dissolve it in a few minutes or days after use.

Contraception prevents sperm in the reproductive organs of women, as well as during the application produces a complex of highly potent hormonal contraceptive drugs and medicines for HIV infection, reports Daily Mail.

Woodrow Kim (Kim Woodrow), a professor of bioengineering in Washington, said the following: "Our dream - to create a product for women, the use of which will allow them to protect themselves from HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy. We have all the necessary medicines for the development of the tool. This is really reliable method of protection that every woman would want to use. "

"The new method allows to control the spread of a number of components. We were able to customize the fiber so that they have different properties spread" - said the researcher.

A soluble form of tissue in the body for several minutes, ensuring instant consumer protection while another dissolves gradually over several days, fulfilling the function of the contraceptive pill. Thus, the drug eliminates the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and HIV infection.

Original in (SURVEY) Translation: M. Potter

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