In the battle against leukemia helps broccoli


The component called sulforaphane contained in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helps reducing the amount of malignant cells in lymphoblastic leukemia. This was reported by researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, reports Medical Xpress.

"Usually, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a type of cancer, which affects white blood cells) are distributed to the children. Proper treatment can in 80% of cases to achieve a full recovery, but not all children respond to conventional therapy. In this case, we have to look for alternative methods "- said Daniel Lakoratstsa.

Together with colleagues D.Lakoratstsa engaged in detailed study of the properties of pure sulforaphane - a natural component contained in abundance in broccoli. Many scientists believe that the substance is, how to prevent and treat certain types of cancer. The study found that people who held a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables, the risk of substandard tumors was reduced. "There is still no studies that show the effect of this compound on acute lymphoblastic leukemia," - said D.Lakoratstsa.

By a team led by Dr. Koramita Suppipata study was conducted in childhood cancer and hematology center of Texas. The researchers’ work included the addition of pure sulforaphane in culture, with healthy and malignant blood cells, which are characteristic of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Thus, cancer cells are killed while normal cells remain unharmed. Studies in rodents have shown the same result: the number of cancer cells was significantly decreased in the blood under the influence of sulforaphane.

Connection, as they note, penetrates deeply into the cells by reacting with typical diseased cells proteins. This, apparently, and contributes to their death. Experts plan to soon find out the type of proteins, and how the connection to influence them. They are confident that a number of additional research will in future use of sulforaphane as a new treatment for leukemia in combination with existing therapies.

"Although sulforaphane is a natural product, we used it in this study in a purified form. Notwithstanding the benefits of cruciferous vegetables effect we observed in the laboratory, they will not be able to give," - said D.Lakoratstsa.

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