Five products whose use is limited during the New Year holidays


New Year’s table is always breaking from the variety of products, which, incidentally, are not always useful and safe for human health. To prevent unpleasant consequences after the holidays, nutritionists strongly recommend to exclude the five most harmful of Christmas products.

Mayonnaise - the first product from the excessive use of which is to refuse. This product is filled in many holiday meals, and not just traditional salad "Olivier". Eliminate it completely from the menu is unlikely to succeed, so nutritionists recommend the outset feast to eat salads with heavy mayonnaise. Ideally, however, they are still better to replace the salad with olive oil or vegetable. Considerable harm to the health and carry a variety of cocktails as well as a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in most cases leads to a severe hangover. The main symbol of New Year’s Eve, as it is known, is the champagne, but doctors still recommend limited to just one glass of drink, as it often causes severe heartburn. Quite harmful are fatty meats. Serve the holiday table nutritionists recommend better chicken or rabbit meat dishes, as it is more diet. People suffering from stomach diseases (colitis, gastritis, etc.), do not eat too much of mandarin, which are also an inherent part of the New Year table. These citrus fruits may have a negative effect on the intestines and stomach lining.

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