Chicken eggs are struggling with "bad" cholesterol


Daily eating eggs can increase the "good" cholesterol while increasing the mass of the visceral fat, or metabolic syndrome. Eggs quench your hunger for a long time, helping to keep the weight is normal.

The inclusion of this dietary product in the diet promotes weight loss and has a positive impact on the situation of lipoproteins in people with metabolic syndrome. These are the details of American scientists from the University of Connecticut.

The study involved a few middle-aged participants with metabolic syndrome who were offered for 12 weeks to eat every day for three eggs (first group) or the same amount of carbohydrate-free substitute for informed diet (in the second). Despite the fact that the body of people who consumed eggs, cholesterol have been reported in more than two times higher than at the beginning of the experiment, the indicators of cholesterol in the blood is not increased. On the contrary, increased concentration of "good cholesterol."

"These results in the second group were observed," - said Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez, auto research.

It has already been proven time and again that the eggs are not so much cholesterol in fact. Until now it was thought that the amount is 215 mg, in fact, was only 185 mg. In addition, vitamin D contained in the eggs 64% higher than anticipated. They contain the same antioxidants such as beta-carotene, choline, lutein and zeaxanthin that save on muscle degeneration and blindness in adulthood. Eating eggs for a long time preserve the feeling of satiety, which reduces the amount of food consumed and helps control body weight.

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