Headache attacks can cause the familiar products


At times, it would seem, nothing heralds the emergence of severe headaches. However, they can cause the most common foods are nuts, beans and cheese. The reason lies in tyramine, a compound that is produced in the body by the decomposition of amino acids, reports LiveScience.

The substance induces an immune response contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure, affects the processes of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system, and also has some toxic properties. In large quantities, tyramine, found in rotting foods in cheddar, brie, ergot, in peanuts, pickles and sausages. Brazil nuts, beans, avocados and bananas are also included in the "black list."

With such a warning made by the North-western Memorial Hospital and the Mayo Clinic. According to the experts, headache these products can cause in the event that a person does not get enough sleep, for example. Moreover, it happens that between diet and the onset of an attack of pain, runs almost 48 hours, which makes it difficult to identify the problematic product.

A few years ago, scientists were struck by the public information about the different types of British cheese can influence the content of dreams, in particular, to cause nightmares. However, none of the studies volunteers were not told that before experiencing nightmares. So, fans of Stilton cheese had strange dreams, red Leicester fans all night watching the dreams of the past, and admirers of Lancashire had dreams about the future. Wanting to immerse themselves in the dream of celebrity, you seem to have to try to sleep a kind of cheese like cheddar.

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