Hypnotics due to the placebo effect


Researchers from the University of Lincoln and Connecticut, Harvard Medical School found that the effect of some sleeping pills due to a 50% placebo effect, betraying The Telegraph.

Experts in the work have been studied drugs not containing benzodiazepines or so-called Z-hypnotics. "The analysis we have been able to show that the Z-drugs have reduced the time to fall asleep. But the action of their half due to a placebo effect," - said Professor Niroshan Sirivardena, author of the study.

In the studies reviewed, according to the expert, does not contain any evidence that these drugs can have on people with sleep disorders other types of affirmative action - the quality of sleep, or the patient’s condition during the daytime. He also said that nearly one-fifth of sleeping pills cause a number of side effects, and one in a hundred elderly people fall victim to accidents or accidental falls, taking these pills.

"In the treatment of insomnia therapy works with the same efficiency as the sleeping pills in both the short and long term.’s Why we need to pay more attention to improving access to treatment for those patients who might benefit for themselves," - said H . Sirivardena.

In recent years, the Z-drugs, as reported by physicians, are in great demand among patients and noted a significant increase in sales. This kind of sleeping pills, according to them, is the safe alternative to tranquilizers. However, the experts about their benefits have concerns because the drugs cause side effects, such as problems with the vestibular system, memory loss, and chronic fatigue.

Scientists have used in his study of the data provided for the approval of new products pharmaceutical companies, the FDA (by the Food and Drug Administration USA). The basis of the data laid down 13 clinical studies involving more than 4,000 volunteers.

Scientists have also found the exclusion of the placebo effect, instantly raises the question of the effectiveness of this tool. Pharmaceutical companies, as the author of the study should provide for the publication of a "more transparent research results so that they can be analyzed by independent experts."

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