Chicken Soup wins coed infection


One of the oldest and well-known folk remedies used in the treatment of the common cold is chicken soup. The secret to its effectiveness in carnosine, a compound that helps fight the infection immunity at an early stage of its development, reports The Daily Mail. However, the effectiveness of carnosine should always be present in the body.

The healing properties of soup has become known for more than a decade ago, when Dr. Stefan Rennard of the University of Nebraska Medical center demonstrated that the soup slows the movement of neutrophils. This, in turn, greatly reduced the symptoms of infection, particularly upper respiratory tract. In some experiments, it was found out that have similar effect and many other soups. Experts from Miami are convinced that the main role is played by the phenomenon of the placebo.

Employees of the University of Nebraska decided to test in an experiment involving 15 volunteers, the impact of chicken soup, cold and hot water have on the flow of air and mucus in their nose. Like any hot liquid, soup helped to improve the flow of mucus, which is much the respiratory tract. By acting as the defense mechanism in the nasal cavity, it prevents infections from entering inside.

Among other things, being in the soup mixture of vegetables and poultry reduces inflammation. And all the nutrients that are known to improve the immune system. Contained in garlic and onions organosulfidy in combination with vitamin D stimulates the production of immune cells - macrophages. Vitamin C at this time influences the level of neutrophils and interferon.

Carotenoids contained in carrots, contribute to the production of antibodies. The concentration of lymphocytes adjusted vitamin E and zinc. All of them together, they are easily digested with the soup. Adding a little oil, it is possible to increase the digestibility of the body of vitamins D, A, K, E.

Specialists from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey found that probiotics reduced the duration of colds and relieve the symptoms (corresponding to the experiment was a wire for 200 volunteers who took the bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium animalis). Duration of disease was reduced by 50%, whereas the symptoms by 34%.

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