U.S. scientists have found a molecule of obesity


Experts at Indiana University in Bloomington presented a new effective method to combat obesity and diseases associated with it. They suggested to combine the two in a single hormone molecule. New therapy can control the level of glucose in the blood and causes almost no side effects.

Researchers have conducted an experiment in which the bound peptide hormone GLP-1 secreting epithelial cells of the intestine, with an estrogen, and then enter it rodents. As a result, weight reduction of mice was observed. In earlier studies, these hormones have already demonstrated individually to be effective in the fight against obesity, now combined, they showed a higher result.

"The combination of hormones in a single molecule increases significantly the efficiency and safety of a new method of treatment. This combination significantly improves the body’s ability to reduce body weight, as well as the ability to control the level of glucose," - said Professor Richard Di Marchi.

Hormone GLP-1 is known to have uses in the production of drugs for the treatment of diabetes type 2 since regulates blood sugar and prevents obesity. However, it was never used as a means of weight loss. While estrogen can help in getting rid of extra pounds by controlling the work of receptors located in the brain. But this hormone doctors are associated with increased risk of cancer, so do not encourage its use in the treatment of obesity.

The experts found that the combination of estrogen molecules and GLP-1 effectively combats dialed weight while reducing the likelihood of any significant side effects.

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