The expression of negative emotions extends life of 2 years


When a person is angry, then for the sake of your health it is better to let off steam, say scientists. People with a hot temper who does not hold back his anger and live longer.

Experts from the University of Jena in Germany believe that this may explain why people known for their impulsivity Italy and Spain live nearly two years longer than the British, who hold back their emotions, always trying to keep calm exterior.

The ability to suppress his anger and self-control and can have serious consequences, both for physical and mental health of the person.

After analyzing the data 6,000 patients, researchers found that individuals who had guided his anxiety inside, often suffer from increased heart rate. This may eventually lead to hypertension, and increase the likelihood of such diseases, such as heart disease, kidney damage, cancer and many others.

Most at risk are people who try to hide the symptoms of fear, demonstrating a defensive behavior. Such people are called "repressors."

They avoid any risk of trying to keep under the excessive control themselves and their surroundings. When faced with a stressful task, they marked increase in the heart rate and display of other signs of stress and anxiety.

However, scientists say that those who are trying to be focused and maintain outward calm and equanimity, has its advantages. And although the "repressor" the risk of various diseases is higher, they recover much faster because they are more disciplined and motivated, willing to change your lifestyle.

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