A blood test will determine the true age of the person


Scientists have recently developed a test that establishes the duration of life of people and showing the speed of the aging process of the body. Testing of this innovative technology provides for the participation of more than 100 people in the UK.

In the near future he will determine how many years a person has left to live. The developers of this test, it is expected that it will be used in combination of standard medical examination, which is a prerequisite for making deals with insurance companies. It should be noted that the insurance company is currently interested in everything that has to do with the person until the family history and the presence of harmful habits.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the necessary amount of information regarding this test, the science does not yet have, and therefore can not advise anything.

New blood test to evaluate the speed of the aging process of the human body by measuring the length of the terminals located on chromosome microscopic structures called telomeres. These particles provide protection from destruction chromosome during cell division.

Telomeres tend to shorten after dividing cells, and some animal studies have shown that the number of chromosomes depends short life - they are shorter than the less the human lifespan. That is why this allows blood to determine the rate of aging and longevity.

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