Alcohol saved the life of a resident of the UK


Alcohol can save a life during a heart attack. Such an unusual operation on Christmas Day were forced to British doctors from the Cardiology Clinic of Bristol.

Ronald Oldom at the age of 77 years suffered ventricular tachycardia - a dangerous type of arrhythmia, when the patient’s pulse can suddenly reach 200 beats per minute, and this is taking into account the age of Oldoma, could result in death. In view of the fact that the standard methods were powerless, the doctors decided to burn the muscle that caused heart palpitations. It should be noted that the electrical ablation (standard method) are not always possible, and in this case are too risky. So, doctors decided to use an ethanol ablation, that is burning alcohol.

Until now, the heart of Ethanol ablation is almost never done. This method is adopted from the urologist who treated this way adenoma of the prostate.

The patient was put into the groin artery crater that was brought to the heart to use it to identify dangerous hitters in the rhythm of the heart. Then, in this part served some alcohol strength of 99.8%, thereby triggering a heart attack caused by artificial means. Once the muscle was killed bolnogosrazu heartbeat returned to normal, and he returned home three days later.

The doctor who carried out this operation, Tom Johnson, said that it was too risky, but the doctors there was no alternative.

Small doses of any poison, as is known, can be a remedy. And alcohol is not an exception in this case is not about external use, namely the domestic market. All herbal tinctures and syrups contain alcohol, which is capable of effectively removing plant nutrients, also acting as a preservative. Women with gestational large uterine tonic intravenously injected 25-percent solution of magnesium sulfate and 10% alcohol.

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