Drinking sugary drinks facing depression


Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks, including diet, is associated with an increased risk of depression, while drinking coffee without sugar reduces this risk. These are the new information scientists from the United States, presented in a press release by the American Academy of Neurology.

The study involved nearly 264 million people aged 50 to 71 years. The researchers took into account the facts of drinking tea, fruit drinks, lemonade, coffee in the period from 1995 to 1996. Scientists interviewed all participants 10 years and found that among these was the more than 11.3 thousand cases of depression.

Participants who daily drank four cans or glass of lemonade or more, fell into a depression by 30% more likely than those who did not indulge themselves lemonade.

People who drank four cans a day fruit drink, 38% had depression are more likely than those who avoided the use of sugar-sweetened beverages. And those who drank four cups of coffee daily, suffered from depression for 10% less, compared with those who drank no coffee at all.

The risk of symptoms of depression increased with this for those fond of diet sodas, juice or iced tea over conventional drinks such.

"According to our results, the reduction or complete exclusion of dietary sugar-sweetened beverages or replace their coffee without sugar can help significantly reduce the risk of depression," - quoted the words of Dr. Hongley Chen of the National Institutes of Health in North Carolina in a press release.

According to him, needs a number of additional studies to accurately confirm these findings and to people suffering from depression, do not throw them to the doctor to take prescription medication.

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