Black tea will save from stroke


Researchers around the world do not stop harping about the benefits of green tea. Recently, however, the staff at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that black tea also has a number of useful properties: the reception of the drink 4 cups a day can reduce by more than one-fifth the risk of stroke, according to The Daily Mail.

By focusing their attention on the part of black tea, which in the UK is considered to be the most popular, experts have studied the impact it may have on the formation of blood clots. As it turned out, drinking 4 cups of the beverage daily reduce by 21% the probability of their occurrence, while its rare use of this beneficial effect has not.

To participate in the experiment, the scientists drew 74,960 men and women who are in the initial phase of the study (1997year) were in a good state of health. Four thousand of them over the next 10 years, suffered a stroke (in most cases was recorded ischemic stroke).

Participants were required to talk about their tea consumption habits. Experts excluding those known risk factors for stroke such as smoking and high blood pressure have come to the conclusion that black tea significantly improves the degree of state in humans. Such an effect, they explained flavonoids contained in black tea that are beneficial to the health of the heart and brain.

"By providing a beneficial effect, black tea reduces cardiovascular risk due to the content of flavonoids. Regular consumption of 1-3 cups of tea reduces the figure of stroke. We have found in a study that the volunteers who drank at least 4 cups of drinks per day, the risk for stroke was 21% lower compared to those who neglect the use of the drink, "- the authors of the experiment.

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