Ginseng is more effective Viagra


South Korean scientists, based on the results of a new study concluded that ginseng is used from ancient times people of China for the treatment of impotence, really helps men to increase their libido, reports Daily Mail.

A study conducted by experts from the Medical College of Yonsei University in Seoul, provided for an experiment involving 120 men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The volunteers were divided into two groups: the first group of participants used pills with ginseng berry extract (Panax Ginseng Extract), the second - a placebo.

Eight weeks later, the men who took pills with ginseng, the researchers reported a significant improvement in sexual function. Scientists have noted that this is due to the ginsenosides contained in the plant, steroid glycosides.

The main drug used to treat erriktilnoy dysfunction, Viagra is now, however, approximately 30% of men, according to the experts, do not feel any significant improvement after its reception. The researchers suggest that the drugs are made of ginseng can be an excellent alternative to conventional treatment.

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