Stormy sex life is dangerous for the health of men


Australian scientists have questioned the benefit of the traditional sex for men’s health. Biologists from the University of Western Australia state that actually excessive sexual activity leads to impaired immunity, undermining the body’s resources.

This is the conclusion scientists came by examining insects - crickets field. According to experts, biomechanisms men and crickets is similar. Observation revealed the relationship between production of sperm in the body and health in males. It was found that during the production of high quality seed, for example, suffer from other systems of the body, but is more vulnerable to becoming a period of the immune system. The body is a kind of male target for a variety of bacterial and viral infections. Thus, more sex, the less its ability to resist disease.

This information is particularly important, according to experts, to those who have observed a relatively low level of sexual desire. If a man has a tendency to neurotic reactions, while intemperate sex can cause the development of neuroses. Also can significantly worsen the mood, man becomes irritable and short-tempered. There may even aggression.

When inflammation of the chronic nature of the internal reproductive organs, the excesses of intimacy can also lead to very dire consequences, as it provokes exacerbation of all ailments.

Doctors are paying particular attention to the time of onset of sexual activity among today’s teenagers. Puberty in boys occurs quite early - in 12-14 years. Experts warn that sex at a very young age can be dangerous, as the body of boys under 15 years old, is still too weak for the stress experienced during intercourse. After the sexual act requires the body a lot of energy. A regular contact with a sexual partner, taking up a lot of energy in the adolescent, can significantly slow down in some cases, both physical and mental development.

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