Coca-Cola effectively treats gastro-intestinal stones


Experts from the University of Athens found that Coca-Cola brings to our health not only harm, but also benefit: aggressive substances that damage the tooth enamel from fans of the drink are able to remove the gastro-intestinal stones.

The study provides an overview of the Athenian experts set of scientific papers devoted to the study of non-traditional methods of getting rid of the human gastro-intestinal stones or, in scientific language, gastric food ball, which are dense formations consisting of hair, plant fibers. Such fibrous education usually arise from digestive disorders. Another cause of the formation rock are often operations gastrointestinal tract. Causing pain in humans, food ball impede the movement of food in the stomach and intestines.

Researchers examined the results of the experiments showed that the effectiveness of treatment of Coca-Cola in the fight against food ball. Thus, in 23 of the 46 volunteers stomach stones were destroyed by the regular use of only one of Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, 19 patients Coca-Cola was registered in combination with other therapeutic agents. Only in four cases, patients required operative intervention. As it turned out, the effectiveness of Coca-school care - more than 91%.

Scientists believe that Coca-Cola promotes the dissolution of stones due to phosphoric and carbonic acids that it contains. For the destruction of the fibrous connections they need to be treatment with a strong acid. If the gastric juice is not able to cope with this task himself, he can be helped Coca-Cola. Similar effects have also gaseous carbon and sodium bicarbonate.

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