Early gray hair - a sign of good health


It sounds paradoxical, but the early gray hair in men is far from being a sign of premature aging, and a strong indicator of men’s health.

Scientists believe that the appearance of gray hair in a man’s head of hair indicates good health and longevity. The research results displaying the relationship between hair color and general condition of the body. This conclusion is predictable, since all the organs and systems of the human body works as a whole system, being connected with each other.

In the synthesis of pheomelanin, which gives the hair red and brown shades and eumelanin, which gives brown and black hair, and the rate of destruction of the cells, that is, the process of aging, there is a direct relationship.

Phaeomelanin synthesis occurs in the presence of glutathione. The latter is one of the most important intracellular antioxidant. With its lack in adulthood increases the intensity of the oxidative degradation of cellular structures, that is, the aging process accelerates. Thus for eumelanin in the body synthesis of glutathione is not needed.

With age, the intensity of oxidative processes in the body increases and reduced glutathione. The latest research has shown that the presence of gray hair and a high level of glutathione in the human body, and therefore, more intense oxidation processes are interrelated phenomena in middle and old age. Researchers concluded that the gray hair - it’s not a sign of accelerated aging and good health holder of white hair.

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