Scientists describe the reasons that push people to gluttony


The main cause of overeating, according to scientists from the U.S., is not a lack of willpower, and eating certain foods.

The cause of overeating has been opened professor at the University of California, Dr. Robert Lustig. Overeating in his book entitled Fat Chance he called the "scourge of modern civilization," as it is eating food in an unlimited number of leads, ultimately, to obesity and all the other diseases that are associated with it.

According to Lustig, to protect yourself from overeating, you need to eliminate from your diet the following foods: white bread, sugar, sweets and other delicacies, which contains a lot of simple carbohydrates. Last, according to the scientist, depriving the brain sensitivity to leptin - "satiety hormones", by which the body says that it is enough to eat. When the brain ceases to hear the signals of leptin, food consumption continues to bring a man of pleasure, even if it is not strictly necessary.

The development of obesity may be associated with some physiological characteristics of the body of people. In an earlier study, presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Explorers of the digestive process (Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior), researchers found significant differences between obese and lean men and the way they feel the taste of fat. They also found that fat is less effective in stimulating a number of certain hormones in the digestive tract in men who are overweight, which naturally suppress your appetite, getting into the blood stream.

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