Morbid jealousy to be treated


Experts from the University of Pisa claim that morbid jealousy, like other diseases, it is better to identify with the advance of medical examinations. This method allows to determine the potential jealous in need of urgent treatment with special drugs.

Go to "torment of jealousy", according to scientists, most people are predisposed mistrustful, shy, resentful of a child and so on. However, unhealthy jealousy can erupt and the wealthy and quite successful people, so with a sense of inferiority complex is due only in part. Jealousy in most cases reflects the issue of mental balance of the individual and the manner of its response to external stimuli.

In medicine, there are following five kinds of jealousy: depression, fear of divorce, paranoid, manic and exaggerated. When zeal light, in this case, there is no danger. If the situation starts to spiral out of control, and the person who is experiencing jealousy becomes a victim of severe and destructive emotion, which he alone can not cope, then jealousy is considered pathological - and in this case, you should consult your doctor.

With what is related to the emergence of pathological jealousy? Scientists from Pisa believe that it contribute to the emergence of biochemical processes in the brain.

"Obsessive-compulsive disorder associated with the fear of being cheated, accompanied by a drop in the level of happiness neurotransmitter serotonin -" - said Donatella Marazzi neuropsychiatrist and author of the study.

Constant feeling of anxiety influences the behavior of a think tank, disrupting the production of hormones in favor of stress, weakens the immune system, may begin the development of a disease or even a bad habit. Jealous, tend to suffer from severe pain in the abdomen, bowel problems, anxiety attacks, headaches, clouding his mind. Seized by a fit of jealousy, a person can even commit murder. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary anybody jealous, psychologists recommend not to ask about the details of the partner never last personal life and never for him not to attend.

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